Science 9 – Answer Booklet 2014

As reviewed in Tutorials this morning, attached is a copy if the Answer sheets for the 2014 Grade 9 exam.

ST – Administration and Marking Guide 2014

If you have any questions prior to the exam please don’t hesitate to contact me. Good luck on your exam! Have a great summer!

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Missing Worksheets

Students who are missing work have been emailed. The worksheets missing are due no later than June 15 (no extensions). If you feel like you are missing work but are not sure or if you did not receive an email, please contact me immediately – to make arrangements.

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Missing Notes – Grade 9 Science

Attached students can find the power point notes from when I was away on Paternity Leave and the class was with Mr. McQuaid. Although, he put these notes on his website, you may not have been able to get them there.

Here they are

ENERGY – Part 1

ENERGY – Part 2

The human organism and the power of energy

UNIT 12 – Physical & Chemical Changes




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June Exam Schedule

The June exam schedule is set. The following dates are included for the Grade 7 Math and Grade 9 Science exams:


Monday, June 12 – Math 7 Tutorials (9am – 12pm)

Monday, June 12 – Science 9 Tutorials (9am – 12pm)




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Math 7 – Probability

Attached students can download the notes for our unit on Probability


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The Technological World – Chapter 12 Notes

Attached students can find links to all 6 parts of the Chapter 12 – Technological World notes

Part 1 – Technical Objects

Part 2 – Materials    

Part 3 – Basic Mechanical Functions

Part 4 – Complex Mechanical Functions

Part 5 – Electricity

Part 6 – Manufacturing Process





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Science 9 – Technical Drawings

As we turn to the World of Engineering Science, our Technological World studies takes us through a 6 part series of notes within 2 chapters of the textbook. Attached, students will find Part 1 of those notes – Technical Drawings. Students will have to be able to create “Blue Prints” in 2 different formats – Isometric drawings and Multi View Drawings. The link to these notes are below

CHAPTER 11 – Graphical Language


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